Share memorable and innovative island treasures along with your love and best wishes! These collector items are hand crafted by Barbados’ finest artisans – a true piece of paradise to be cherished forever. Reggae, Calypso or Soca music, Rum, or a sampling of island flavors and delicacies wrapped in tropical packaging can be customized to compliment any theme, or price point desired. Kids may be entertained with traditional island storybooks, games and sweets.

These special Barbados touches are the perfect favour gift, thank you, wedding present, romantic trinket or commemorative keepsake for the newlyweds and guests alike.

Indulge in a little romance of your own while enjoying Barbados, spoil yourself or your very own special one, or celebrate a special occasion all your own…

Relive the moments with authentic Bajan reminders of your Barbados destination wedding holiday, the pleasures and good times shared, with old friendships rekindled, and loved ones reunited, all while together on the ‘rock’, our very own little island paradise which we are thrilled to share every facet of with you.

Keep the memories alive!

Barbados Wedding Room Service GiftsRoom Service Gifts

Share the love – have an unexpected gift or welcome basket designed with a creative touch, spoil that special someone or celebrate your own perfect moment on island with a romantic table for two on the beach amidst Tiki Torches as the sun sets before you. Wedding guests celebrating a birthday, anniversary or even getting engaged have requested our assistance to have it all waiting just for them, sometimes in the privacy of their room. It’s easy – you tell us, we make it happen, from chilled Champagne and Chocolate dipped Strawberries, to fresh flowers, island fruit or Coconuts, Caribbean sweets, Reggae CD’s or genuine, island crafted delights, all for a gift or moment that is uniquely yours truly…


Barbados Wedding Gift BasketsCaribbean Gift Baskets

We are just full of top Caribbean wedding gift bag ideas, so let us fill baskets of love for your special occasion! Show your nearest and dearest how much you appreciate that they traveled to share your big day with you. Delight them with local goodies and island delicacies, decoratively placed in their room on arrival.


Barbados Wedding Craft GiftsIsland Craft Gifts

No two are the same, so there will never be another wedding gift just like it to be returned by the couple! Rum was born in Barbados, and is available in commemorative Crystal Bottles, with customized engraving! One of a kind Hand-crafted Glass or Leather items, or local Red Clay Pottery pieces are all appreciated. Original paintings, prints, or other art works at varying price points, depicting island scenery, locals, flora and fauna, all by talented local artists. We will happily share the best of Barbados and it’s local crafters with you for unique wedding gift ideas.


Barbados Wedding RingsWedding Rings & Jewelry

Barbados is a Duty-free shopping haven, so many of our couples purchase their engagement and wedding rings on island. So where can you purchase duty free wedding rings? Barbados! Guests also enjoy browsing for unique pieces to commemorate their island bliss of a vacation!


Barbados Honeymoon Suite DécorHoneymoon Suite Décor

Surprise the newlyweds, let romance abound on their return to the honeymoon suite. Imagine the aroma of fresh island petals, the intimacy of candlelight, the naughty of chocolate dipped strawberries, and the play of bubbles, all while sipping champagne as Barbados’ newest Mr. and Mrs…