Design a wedding that is as unique as you are reflecting your individuality and style! Create memorable moments and wonderful photo ops, laced with intimacy and romance, with a customized ceremony, or a few!

Make a wish list, or invite your guests to gift these once in a life time moments to you… romance abouds…

Surprise the wedding couple with a gift like no other they will receive on their big day!

A customized ceremony will certainly be a gift with a difference, in fact we can tell you from experience that such presents are indeed… priceless…

Barbados Wedding Sand CeremonySand Ceremony

Befitting an island wedding, symbolically merge your lives, with the promise of each other’s love and support. A fun way for children to participate, committing to each other and the new marital family, as their lives are also joined through the marriage of their parents.


Barbados Wedding Unity CandleUnity Candle

Merge the love and loyalty that each family feels for the Bride and Groom, into one united and loving family circle. Together, commit to the close each couple’s individual chapters, as they begins the ones to be written in their new Book of Life as husband and wife! Let your flame spark warmth and love in the lives of all who cross your path…


Barbados Wedding Wine CeremonyWine Ceremony

A very flexible Ceremony, perfect for the outdoors. Honor parents and loved ones, including them or make a moment just for two. Embrace the history of the families which may be remembered at future gatherings, for as wine ages and mellows, so will the couple over the years. Wines may be provided or included with the Wine Ceremony as desired, price subject to selection.


Barbados Wedding Rose CeremonyRose Ceremony

A single rose has always meant “I love you” making it an appropriate first gift as husband and wife. Adopt a rose as a language of love, when words cannot be found let the giving of a rose express the giving and receiving of each other’s love and forgiveness .


Barbados Wedding Jumping the BroomstickJumping the Broomstick

This Caribbean wedding theme symbolizes a number of things, including a new beginning as the couple leaps into their new life together as husband and wife, sweeping away their individual selves with the old, and welcoming their new life together of fertility and posterity.


Barbados Wedding White DovesWhite Dove Releases

Doves are a universal symbol of peace and unity, and a Dove Release makes a unique gift. Remember loved ones, or create a memorable moment and photo opportunity for the happy couple, celebrating the new journey they have promised to make together, side by side!


Barbados Wedding Conch Shell BlowerConch Shell Blower

Barbados weddings traditions include the Conch Shell Blower who heralds the arrival of the Bride and the moment when two become one! Another unique wedding gift idea!