Lisa, the thing we were most pleased about at our wedding was your service, not having to stress because you were on top of things, making sure everything ran smoothly.  Your responsiveness to our questions / requests were tremendous.  Also, we especially liked the suggestions you made regarding the dinners, etc.

Your service exceeded our expectations – you seemed to care, and  were very involved in all aspects of our wedding.  You made it stress free for us, and you even calmed our daughter down for us!

As you can tell, we really enjoyed your services and our entire wedding trip. The only issue was that it wasn’t long enough 😉

Our families had originally tried to change our minds to Boston or Aruba, but everyone loved Barbados in the end!  We have not heard a single bad thing about out trip / wedding.  It was unbelievable and Jen just said she’d love to do it all again!

With the sunlight beaming down, hearing the waves, and the entire scenery it felt surreal.  It was a once in a lifetime moment!

Thank you for everything!


Jen & Brian – San Diego, California, USA

Married on May 7th 2011